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Unyielding Attention to Detail:

Data Processing is commonly referred to as the "back-end" of the whole survey process.  It is the last chance to correct any errors that occurred during data collection.  While many controls now exist in survey programming, DP is also where any end client errors are spotted, both in tab plans, or in data exporting/conversion specifications.  In short, DP is the not only the "back-end", but also the "glue" that fills in around any "cracks" that have surface in the "front end" (survey programming), providing a sure foundation of the data. 

It is with this understanding that all projects/tasks are approached.  Unyielding Attention to Detail ensures that even the smallest minutia is given the proper scrutiny. Any inaccuracies are removed, ensuring data (and tabulation) accuracy.  Your reports can be presented to the end client with the utmost confidence, because the "glue" has done it's job: the data is secure!